I travelled with Treneta when she ministered in various churches and to First Nations communities and I saw God working in a mighty way through her.  I also did prison ministry with her and saw many lost souls touched by her love for the Lord and her compassion for others.  Today I am a board member for Faith Arise Ministries founded by Rev.Treneta Bowden. I thank the Heavenly Father for giving me such a faithful and loving sister to stand beside me and help me grow. My life will never be the same, I am growing stronger in the Lord each day and Treneta is still my role model in life.  God is good. Amen. 

 Pansy Roberts
Secretary, Treasure of FAM

Thank you very much for the recent opportunity to work along side you to visit and bless the First Nations People through Faith Arise Ministries with a “Spa & Wellness Day". It was an absolutely beautiful day for all those woman who discovered how much they were loved, appreciated and valued!  How sweet it was to see that every woman we served was greeted with a warm and wonderful hug, given a rose and honoured with a crown on their heads! There are no words for the expressions on their faces as they entered the room.
But, most of all, Treneta, your love and affection for these people truly shows through. Your love for them is so genuine. I also believe that as you sang the song "You Raise me Up" from your heart, these woman were truly blessed and encouraged and overcome by God's goodness towards them through you. It will be a night they will never forget. Thank you!

 Yvonne Horvat, R.H.N.
Holistic Nutritionist Avenues Of Health

I want to thank you on behalf of my team for your incredible ministry with us on the last night of Missions Fest. You were so gracious to spend your valuable time to help Sue and us.  Thank you.  God really answered my prayers in sending you, as I was so very concerned when Sue manifested, that we did not have the expertise to "deal" with what was happening.  You showed up miraculously, and I want you to know that God really used you, not just to comfort Sue, but also to speak into our lives as well.  You were a willing, gracious, sacrificial servant Treneta and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

  Bill Drake Music Minister   
  International Operation Mobilization, Atlanta, GA

Speaking with you last night on Nite Lite was so very freeing for me. I was the first caller. You have inspired hope in me to continue moving forward, STEPPING UP! You truly are a blessing to me and I thank you.  I look forward to hearing from you when you can. Thanks again. Much love, my sister in Christ. In God's Love and Light. Valerie

 I felt compelled to email you and tell you how much your show on forgiveness really affected me. From time to time I watch Nite Lite Live, however in the past few years I feel as though I have completely fallen away from the Lord. My life has been consumed with many adversities I feel stuck yet in my heart I still feel drawn to the Lord. I struggle with feelings of guilt that I can't seem to dedicate my life to and completely trust the Lord.  When you spoke of the consequences of not forgiving others, I felt as though it was directed at me. I have tried, but feel unable to forgive what has happened to me, and the way that I have handled it. I sometimes don't know where to begin in restoring my relationship with God.   Your show really spoke to my heart and has awakened the faith that I may be able to move on. I also want to thank you for being so honest about your own struggle with forgiveness. It's inspiring to see someone who has been successful in their journey. Thanks.Corina

  I just wanted to take a moment to say “Thank you” and may all the blessing of God be with you wherever you may journey through life...I saw you hosting the Nite Lite Live program and I was truly impressed by the way you handled the callers and seemed to be  of great encouragement and inspiration to everyone watching....Indeed this world needs a lot more people of your quality and compassion to help spread the light....I could go on...but need I say more?....My heart is with you as you reach out to touch all those in need....Once again, God Bless and keep up the Good Work.....Thank You.  John

We are blessed to have you, Treneta, and your supporters thinking of our children at this blessed time of year. The Servant Sock Christmas Project was a success in Sachigo Lake.

I will never forget Rodney's humble approach to the massive amount of gifts our community received. The look of amazement on children's faces and the surprise expressed by parents when they were told that there were many people, far away, who loved and cared for them in this humble village of 400 souls. Parents would say, "But who told them about us out here in this isolated place?"  I told them that Rodney was communicating with Faith Arise Ministries.

I tend to get a little emotional when I think of the tremendous effort those selfless Faith Arise Ministry people make on behalf of our children who struggle each day in humble surroundings. I cannot express my gratitude enough to satisfy my heart.

Be Blessed in the Lord

Vince , Principal of Sachigo First Nations

Faith Arise Ministries; Servant Sock Project,

On behalf of Victorious Faith Fellowship Church and the Kettle & Stony Point First Nation, we would like to thank Faith Arise Ministries for coming and blessing the children in our First Nation through the Servant Sock Outreach. It was an awesome day with fun games, snacks and of course, the Christmas stocking blessings! Our gymnasium was full of families that came together for this special occasion which brought much fun and joy to kids to our community.  So once again we would like to thank Rev. Treneta Bowden and Faith Arise Ministries for coming to the Kettle & Stony Point First Nations, with a heart of love and a spirit of giving. May God bless you richly. 

 Pastor Murray Shawnoo
 Victorious Faith Fellowship Church

I want to give a heartfelt thanks for your time and contribution to the community of Sachigo Lake First Nation. We have indeed been blessed!

RE: Faith Arise Ministries; Servant Sock Christmas Project 

 I want to give heartfelt thanks for your time and contribution to the community of Sachigo Lake, First Nation. We have indeed been blessed!
Just to give a little bit of background of the trials this community has gone through within the past couple months prior to the Christmas sock gift day. We have lost a few members to unexpected tragedies and the whole community has been in mourning. Children lost their mother and grandmothers, siblings lost her sister, a mother lost her daughter. And husbands lost their wives. I have been praying for something; some miracle to come lift and heal their wounded spirits. 
The atmosphere of expectancy began to build as the children gathered around the stage to catch a glimpse of the gifts they were to receive. I witnessed two boys who had lost their mother standing there with smiles, and even the little girl who was once heartbroken over her sister was smiling from ear to ear. It’s hard to explain but their eyes seemed bright, seemed new. I knew at that moment their burdens were lifted. I witnessed a young man, 12 years of age, who had been troubled mentally and emotionally, who found peace of mind. In his condition he was under constant supervision, he also had trouble socializing with the others his age; but he was there helping us hand out the stockings to the little ones with this display of restfulness. I looked over and I saw his dad smiling as he watched his son.   So once again I want to give a heartfelt thanks and big God bless you for the hard work you have done in your giving. The children were truly and wonderfully blessed, and I for one can say that I am extremely blessed by the miracle that I now testify of. May the God of all comfort bless you richly.

 Pastor Rodney Martin
Sachigo Lake First Nation

As I have time to reflect on all that came into the community because of the Servant Sock Christmas Project, I slowly have realized how much love is represented in it. I really want donors and volunteers to know that their work and their gifts have made a difference in this Christmas season. Not only that but their commitment has shown us in the far north of Ontario that so many Ontarians care deeply about the First Nations tucked away up here and have made everyone feel less isolated and less forgotten. K'miigwetch to all.

Love from 
Pastor Joe & Ann Waswa
Fort Hope, Ont. 

Happy New Year Treneta!!!!

Yay! We received the stockings just before Christmas through Canada Post, thank you very very much!!

We gave them out yesterday during a community feast. So many children were lined up to receive these stockings, many parents walking up with their children totally excited. It went really well.

One lady came up to me as I was leaving to tell me that she is so amazed, so touched that Kangirsuk,our people got so blessed like this. Some parents also expressed so much gratitude reading Christmas cards written inside these stockings. Some children talking to their parents were full of surprise.

This is such a blessing, a beautiful gift that you all would take time and put together such a fun gift, I see too how it would of been great if you were here in person presenting them :) It could of been presented with a gospel message although it was explained as to where they were coming from.

God bless you richly!! Thank you so much for sowing into our community, it was amazing!!

Kangirsuk QC.

Hello Treneta

I thank you and others for what you are sharing with the members of our community. Very much appreciated. I have shared with coworkers, fellow Christians and others about the Servant Sock Christ Project and the stocking that we will be getting and we are so excited about that. Thank you for sharing Gods love and goodness.                                                                              
May he bless your people richly.

Praise the Lord.

Christine Beardy
Bear Skin First Nations

This is just a brief note of thanks for brightening the lives of the women and children of our women’s shelter. Everything that was done was filled with love, and I'm sure every women and child felt that love. Every long hour that you worked on organizing this event was so very worth it ... I could tell by the sheer joy you exuded at the end of the event. You and your wonderful team certainly RAISED US ALL UP.

Simone                                                                                                                                              Crisis Counselor, Women’s Shelter Toronto

Hi Treneta,

thanks so much for the note back. It was an unexpected pleasure this morning. No doubt you didn't leave until late. I think it was 11pm when I left, and there was at least one other person who you were praying for. I am doing better since you prayed for me. I know God did something in me that night, though I'm not fully sure what. One thing is much clearer though...I have to make the *choice* to believe God's promises are for me. Right now that is good enough and simple enough for me. What actually changed my mind about going up for prayer, and what I keep going back to even now, is the comment you made about God wanting to answer our prayers so much more than we are willing to ask Him. So I am endeavouring to ask, and keep asking! Thanks again, and may God multiply your ministry and the people that you touch with His infinite love.  




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