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Faith Arise Ministry Calendar 2015
Date/Time Location City/Prov/State
June 16,15 Jerusalem Restaurant Politicians Appreciation Luncheon
Mississauga, ON
July 1,2015 Celebration Through Unified Praise & Worship
Canada Christian College
Toronto, ON
July 7,2015 Gage Page Inspiration in the Park Brampton, ON
TBD Love and Hope through Christ Burnaby, BC
TBD Servant Sock Christmas Project TBD
Faith Arise Ministry Calendar 2014
Date/Time Location City/Prov/State
March 29,14  New Life Community Center Breakfast Brampton On
April 12,14  Worship with Morris Cerello Toronto. ON
May 2,14 Covenant of Promise Church Bonanie Ministries Toronto. ON
May 11,14    Mishkeegogamang Healing Service Mishkeegogamang On
June 20,14 Worship at Healing Meeting Toronto. ON
June 21,14    Faith Gospel Tabernacle  Ladies Conference Brampton On
July 10,14 Wailing Women Prayer Conference at City Hall Toronto. ON
July 11-14 Special Services with Jerome Harper Mishkeegogamang On
July 29,14 Gage Park In Brampton  Worship Brampton On
August 26,14 Spanish Pastor Pray Meeting  Toronto. ON
Sept. 15-20 Mishkeegogmang First Nation Mishkeegogamang On
Oct TBD Muskrat Ram First Nations

Muskrat Ram First Nations

Dec 4-7 ,14     Servant Sock Christmas Project Mishkeegogamang On
Dec 12-14 Servant Sock Christmas Project

Long lac 58 First Nations

Dec 31,14 Cross Roads Church

Timmins, ON

Faith Arise Ministry Calendar 2013
Date/Time Location City/Prov/State
Jan.27    Voice of Deliverance Ministries  AM Service  Guest Speaker Brampton On
Mar 18- 20 Attawapiskat First Nations ( Partnering in Education Conference) Attawapiskat On.
May 7,12 Agincourt Church of God Guest Speaker Toronto. ON
May 21-23   Native American Fellowship Convocation 2013        Niagara Falls, NY
June 21-23      Abundant Grace Ministries- Healing & Deliverance Conference -50 Elm Street North   Fri & Sat @ 7pm, Sun. @ 10am N.Timmins, ON
June 23    Cross Roads First Nations Church -29 Spruce St. South
Sunday @ 7pm
Timmins, ON
June 23,13 Cross Roads First Nations Fellowship Church PM  29 Spuce St. Timmins, ON
July 23 Gage Park Brampton Guest Vocalist
Brampton, ON
Dec TBD Servant Sock Christmas Project
Faith Arise Ministry Calendar 2012
Date/Time Location City/Prov/State
Feb 7,12 Christian Farmers Fellowship Outreach International Center Toronto, ON
Feb 20,12  11 am Global Warrior of Faith TV  Live Interview  Mississauga, ON
April 13,12 Mission Fest  Seminar on Step Out and Speak Out Toronto, ON
May 10-15 Pikangikum First Nation with W2W Team Ontario
May 16-20 Thunder Bay with W2W Team Thunder Bay, ON
May 17 TBD Spirit Alive Broadcast Thunder Bay, ON
May 20 Faith City Church Thunderbay  10:30 Am Service Thunder Bay, ON
June 7,12

Starting Spiritual Care Ministry, Brampton Hospital

Brampton, ON
June 16,12

New Credit First Nations, Evangelism Workshop (3pm-5pm)

New Credit, ON
June 21-23

Aboriginal Day Conference and Concert

Thunder Bay, ON
June 23,12

Fruitful House Family Church Concert starting 7 pm
(905) 696-0050

Mississauga, ON
June 24,12    W2W Team Presentation on Pikangikum Trip Uxbridge, ON
July 13 Global Warriors of Faith TV TBD
July 25-29 Bear Skin First Nation, Healing Explosion Bear Skin, ON
Aug 7 Gage Park Concert in the Park Brampton Brampton, ON
Sept.19,12 Etobicoke Christian Women’s Group Luncheon Etobicoke, ON
Sept. 30 Faith Gospel Tabernacle 9am & 11am Service
Oct 7,12 Fruitful House                             8 AM Service
Oct 7,12 Queensway Baptist                    11 AM  Service
Nov 23,2012    Healed, Transformed and Free 7 pm Sharp @ Faith Gospel Tabernacle (more info click here) Brampton, ON
Nov 30-Dec 3,12 Pikangikum - SERVANT SOCK CHRISTMAS                                First Nations 
Dec 7-10,12 Attawapiskat - SERVANT SOCK CHRISTMAS                              First Nations
Inspirational Music in the Park
Brampton, ON
Dec TBD Servant Sock Christmas Project
Dec 30,2012 First Baptist Church   Guest Speaker   Huron St.  11 AM Service  Toronto  On.
Faith Arise Ministry Calendar 2011
Date/Time Location City/Prov/State
Feb 12, 11 Victor Goodman’s Bible class Church on the Queensway  
April 9,11 Restoration Missionary Fellowship Inc. Concert  
April 24,11   Jubilee Victory Church  Mississauga, ON
May 13,11   Full Gospel Business Men’s Dinner London, ON
July 11,11 Gage Park Concerts Brampton, ON
Sept 11,11  Faith Gospel Tabernacle  Brampton, ON
Aug 12,11    Taste of Jesus Concert  Global Kingdom Scarbough, ON
May 6- 12 Fort Hope Mission  
June 16-18 Write Canada  
June 24-25  Morris Cerullo School of Ministry  
July 16-17   Eagles Nest Six Nations  Sat am  Sunday PM  
July 27,13 ingdom City Centre Church (85 Sandalwood Pkwy)
Speak for Jesus Evangelism Service and outreach
Brampton On.
July 29 –Aug 1,11 Fort Hope Music Fest  
Oct 9,11 KCM  
Oct 16,11 Faith Gospel Tabernacle  
Oct 23,11 Queensway Baptist Church  
Oct 30,11 Uxbridge Baptist Church  
Nov ,11 Peoples Church  Singles  
Dec 10-11,11 Servant Sock Christmas Outreach in Fort Hope  


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