Treneta Bowden ministered to our staff at World Vision Canada. She delivered a wonderful message on attitude and being an encourager. Treneta is passionate about her faith as well as being an encourager to others as she so freely shared with us. She is a dynamic speaker and we were blessed to have her speak at World Vision Canada.         

 Dave Toycen, President 
 World Vision Canada 

It was a delight and a great blessing to have Treneta Bowden minister in word and music. The youth of our congregation were enriched by her ministry as well. It was encouraging to see that she honors and works closely with the local leadership. Those that are on her ministry’s path with be blessed..

  Pastor Johnny Dixon  
  Mistissini Pentecostal Church

We at Overcomers were privileged to enjoy the dynamic teaching, preaching and worship ministry of this anointed woman of God. Rev. Bowden is always ready and willing to answer the call of God at any time, to defend the faith that was delivered to the saints of our church.  

 Pastor Carlton  Edwards       
 Overcomers Church ,Toronto

Treneta’s ministry was dynamic in both word and song! The love of Christ shone from her face as she shared what Jesus means to her. She challenged us to reach out to others as ambassadors of His love, reminding us of the great opportunities that singles have in our world today. Through the power of the Holy Spirit the joy of the Lord was very obvious in this meeting! We were thrilled that the feedback from everyone was very positive, and that many people responded to Treneta’s invitation to commit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Praising God! 

 Marilyn Daniels
 Former Singles Director Peoples Church

I have known Rev.Treneta Bowden for about four years.  I have had the honor of working jointly with her to provide the women at Elisa House the joy of participating in self care workshops, spas and entertainment evenings hosted by Faith Arise Ministries. I have found her to be a disciplined individual who is committed to improving the lives of all people, especially the underprivileged, disadvantaged and the marginalized. Ms. Bowden has volunteer extensively with a number of shelters, including Elisa House Shelter for Women, as well as various social service organizations. Treneta demonstrates a high level of empathy and compassion to those who are in need of assistance. On many occasions she has made donations of her own and requested donation from others on our behalf. She also has made several recommendations and referrals to other community agencies that have developed in partnerships to our benefit. Ms. Bowden is an exceptional person who is willing and able to make a difference. I am confident that Treneta Bowden will be successful at whatever she puts her mind to do, and I wish her all the best in her endeavors.

Judith E. Kerr                      
 Director Elisa House

Treneta Bowden performed at the 2010 Carassauga Festival of Cultures. This year we celebrated our 25th Anniversary and we were proud to showcase Treneta Bowden as a true representation of First Nation Canadians. Treneta performed authentic First Nation songs to lift everyone's spirit and included an educational portion that touched all the hearts in the audience with its heartfelt message of healing among the First Nations People. The Canada Pavilion was honored to have Treneta Bowden as a representation of Canadian Talent for the 25th Anniversary and we hope to see them again next year.

Monica Kepa
Canada Pavilion Chair

It is a privilege and pleasure to air the very special music of Treneta Bowden.  Her album Soar Like an Eagle has aired across 2.2 billion people within our Middle Eastern and European shortwave radio. Her voice is heard on a regular basis throughout our broadcasts and has a unique healing ministry for communities that struggle with generational conflict and the ensuing pain and forgiveness issues. In fact, Ms Bowden's song‚ Forgive‚ is one of the most frequently- aired songs on our network.

Don Mc Laughlin, Director of Outreach
High Adventure Gospel Communication Ministries
Bible Voice Broadcasting

What impresses me about Treneta is her commitment to excellence- excellence in worship and excellence in musicianship. She possesses the heart of a true worshipper and takes every opportunity to lead others to the throne of worship. Treneta also relentlessly pursues excellence in her music. Her beautiful mezzo soprano voice with her sensitivity to the Holy Spirit cause her to minister with effectiveness. I wholeheartedly recommend Treneta Bowden for any ministry opportunity you might be considering her for.

Pastor Kent Andrews
Music Minister
Agincourt Pentecostal Church

The ministration was enriched with the fullness of the Holy Ghost, and her teaching was enlightening. Rev. Treneta is unique in her teaching style, dynamic in her singing and an excellent motivational speaker. The house was blessed and we were grateful to have her come and minister to us.

Rev. Olu David
Senior Pastor
Intercultural Worship Center


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