Encourager of Godly and Positive Influence
© 2011 Rev. Treneta Bowden

Being an encourager of Godly and positive influence to others, expresses the message that they are valuable and special and that God has a great purpose for them. You help them realize that they are particularly esteemed and that you truly care.

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You are My Witnesses
© 2007 Rev. Treneta Bowden

What an honour it is to be a voice for the Lord. We have been given such a high calling and we need to take this calling very seriously. Jesus came to seek and to save what was lost and wants to use His children to bring them in.

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My Child
© 2007 Rev. Treneta Bowden

Are you in a place in life where you need to receive Gods comfort? You are wondering if He hears you when you call Him. Then this word is for you. Receive His healing word for your heart as you read this prophet poem of encouragement.

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Created for God's Glory
© 2008 Rev. Treneta Bowden

Many people have asked the question “What is my purpose and why am I here”? They were born into this world confused by the teachings of evolution thinking that they are an accident. However God wants everyone who feels this way to know that you were created for God’s glory and He has an amazing purpose and plan for you.  

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